3 Best Exercises For Women With Lower Back Pain

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This is a short guide to 3 exercises which focus on reducing lower back pain. These exercises work your muscles which support your lower back. In turn strengthening them and helping to alleviate back pain. While exercise can take you 95% of the way. You may want to consider using some supplements to make the journey easier and faster. Supplements and a healthy balanced diet will not only make you feel happier, but make your progress to a back-pain free life much faster.

Hip Raise

Muscle – Glutes


This exercise targets your glutes, the muscles around your rear end. This can help make your stomach more flat. When your glutes aren’t particularly strong, anterior pelvic tilt. Which is actually really common. This is when your pelvis tilts slightly forward, which can actually put more stress on your back and makes your back and stomach arch forward.


Lay on the floor or mat with your knees at a 90 degree angle and raise you hips up so you are now in a straight line from your knees all the way to your shoulders. Once you have achieved the pose, slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. Do this for 12 reps then move onto the next one.


Muscle – Lower Back


While your on your back, another exercise works nearby muscles. The Curlup. This will work your muscles in your lower back and your core. Strengthening this group of muscles is another great way to reduce lower back pain.


Stay laying on your back, this time with one leg flat to the ground and one bent. palms down, place your hands below the arch of your back. Then slowly raise your head ans shoulders of the ground, hold this pose for 5-10 seconds while tensing your abdominal muscles. You should definitely feel the burn with this one!

Switch legs after a 5/6 reps

Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers

Muscle – Abs


This one tightens your abs like nothing else will. Don’t worry though, after this exercise you are done working your abs for this session.


Start by assuming a push up position on a swiss ball. This in itself is a work out, but once you have done this, raise one knee towards your chest, once you have your knee at 90 degrees, slowly go back to the starting position. Now repeat with your other knee, 12 reps total then you are done.


Take a well deserved 30 second breather.


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