Kids Classes

Our children’s classes focus on four things. 1) Fitness as a Lifestyle. We want children to learn at an early age that exercise is important. By starting fitness education and making it fun at an early age children are much less likely to develop diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other health risks that can develop at a later age due to lack of exercise. 2) Respect and Character Development. In addition to making kids fit we stress the importance and necessity to be kind and treat others with respect. To be a Black Belt means to act like a Black Belt. 3) Discipline. If a child is exposed to parameters and discipline at a young age they will be more likely to succeed later in life. Setting goals and achieving them at this stage in life will help your child to grow into a stronger person. This will help whether he/she is in college making the grade or in the board room making corporate decisions. 4) Self Defense. At Rampage Fitness Academy we teach children our 3 Steps to Stopping a Bully to avoid a physical confrontation. Unfortunately, as much as we may try, not all situations can be avoided. If the 3 Steps to Stopping a Bully fails and there is no way to escape through the words and avoidance techniques taught each day in class your child will know Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu combined with Wrestling in a very effective and functional martial art self defense system to protect themselves, and have fun doing it!


9:30 AM Parents/Kids
4:30 PM Kids Gi Bjj Kids Kickboxing Kids Gi Bjj Kids Kickboxing

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