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Cardio Kickboxing

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Burn 800-1000 calories an hour. This fun, exciting, fast paced class is held in our bag room and taught by our expert instructors with classes starting as early as 6:00 AM. Get all the best parts of a boxer’s and kickboxer’s workout without the injuries. The Kickboxing class focuses on body mechanics, footwork, punching, kicking, […]

Kids Classes

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Kids Classes Our children’s classes focus on four things. 1) Fitness as a Lifestyle. We want children to learn at an early age that exercise is important. By starting fitness education and making it fun at an early age children are much less likely to develop diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other health risks […]

Muay Thai

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Muay Thai Saa-wei-tee-kup or “respect” in Thailand is something we like to bring to Rampage Fitness Academy, in everything we do, both on the mats and outside of the gym. Here you will learn authentic Muay Thai from real Muay Thai instructors. Dave Roberts is our head Muay Thai instructor, a previous champion in Thailand […]

Private Training

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Private Training Here at Rampage Fitness Academy we offer Personal Training and Private Lessons in fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or any combination of the above. Talk to your Instructor today to set up your free assessment!