How do you work out for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight, aim for 1-2 hours of light cardio and 1 hour of weight training per week. This will ensure you get to your weight goal while not losing love for working out.

What type of exercise for weight loss?

Both cardio and weight training are good for weight loss, cardio helps burn calories while weight training increases your metabolism.

A mixture of cardio and weight training is most effective. 

Running once or twice a week for 30 mins followed with 2 1 hour weight sessions. 

Even using light weights will boost your bodies ability to burn fat and keep it burning whilst your going about your daily life.

What are the benefits of working out?



  • You will feel happier


Exercising is proven to make you feel happier, especially when you start to see positive changes in your body. Whether it be getting more muscles, losing a little weight or just feeling like you have achieved the goals you set yourself at the start of your work out journey.



  • You will feel healthier


Your body will thank you for working out. Not only does working out improve several body functions like circulation and control hormone levels, it also helps improve your immune system.



  • Improved Skin


By improving your circulation more blood will flow to your skin cells. Giving you healthier and happier skin. This is why you may be glowing after working out.



  • Your brain will work better


Your brain chemistry can sometimes be volatile. Especially during the developmental years. Working out helps your body maintain hormone levels more correctly and as the old saying goes. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.



  • You will live longer


Working out helps you live longer. Reducing your risk to a number of diseases and conditions. Such as heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, and many cancer risks are also reduced.

How to eat better for weight loss?


  • Add Protein


Ensuring you have a sufficient supply of amino acids is vital for body functions, such as digestion and muscle repair. Protein will also make you feel fuller and you will snack less as a result.

Almost every system in your body requires a constant feed of amino acids. These amino acids are recovered from your body when they break down the protein you eat. 


  • Avoid Processed Foods


Processed foods are high in saturated fat, salts and sugars. All of these are good in moderation, but even one processed meal can make you hit your daily limit or go over. All but ensuring you will not lose weight.


  • Drink Water


When your body has plenty of water. It can easily absorb the minerals you eat and dispose of any waste much easier.


  • Use Smaller Plates


Using smaller plates will ensure you don’t overload on your portions. You should be eating less, but more nutrient rich foods when you are aiming to lose weight.


  • Eat More Slowly


Eating more slowly will ensure your body has enough time to recognise when its full. Most people eat meals so fast that they are full half way through but don’t realise and keep eating.

Hara hachi bun me (腹八分目) is a Confucian idiom that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full. we could learn something coming from the people which have one of the lowest rates of obesity.


  • Add Eggs to Your Diet


You should add eggs to your diet, especially when trying to lose weight. Not only are they extremely versatile to cook, they taste good, are full of micronutrients, healthy fats and loaded with protein.


  • Spice Up Your Meals


Spicing up your meals with capsicum, found in peppers, which can boost your metabolism will ensure, along with weight training, your burning as many calories throughout the day as possible.

Other Non Surgical Methods

Alevere Therapy – a mixture of diet and non surgical methods of boosting insulin to help you get rid of fat stored in your body. Read More at Snowberry Lane.

Orbera Ball – a non surgical, FDA approved method. You swallow a ball which takes up space in your stomach, helping you learn portion control.

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