Excessive Exercise vs. Normal Exercise

Not many people know that excessive exercise can be a symptom of an eating disorder. Bulimia is an eating disorder which can be diagnosed when an individual, binges, usually over 2000 calories at once, then purges that calories. This can be in the form of forcing yourself to be sick, using laxative and lastly by over exercising.

If you suffer from bulimia or know someone who does, there are plenty of places you can go to seek advice and help. The NHS website has plenty of resources, one of the NHS partners who provides in and outpatient care are newbridge.


If your exercise comes from a place of negative motivation, this can be a sign that you might need to reconsider why you are exercising and think about how much you are exercising.

Exercise should provide you with a feel good effect, and the motivation behind it should be positive. One way to help think positively about exercise is to train in groups, or get a personal trainer.

This is especially great if you don’t feel comfortable in gyms, our expert instructors will make you feel safe, comfortable and most importantly motivated!

How Much

Exercising for 40 minute spells once a day or once every few days is a great start. And in fact you shouldn’t be exercising any more than this if your goal is to keep fit. Only people who are training for an event or for a specific goal should be exercising more.

Cardio is a great way to lose some weight, or just keep fit. Our cardio kickboxing is a fun, exciting, fast paced class which is held in our bag room and taught by our expert fitness instructors with classes starting as early as 6:00 AM.

Diet and Nutrition

Arguably the most important aspect is your diet. Not only can your diet improve your happiness, it can help you reap the rewards from your training.

If you are someone who suffers from overeating then i highly recommend you keep a food journal, or talk to a nutritionist or a psychologist who can help you find the source of your overeating.


Here is a great video on exactly this!


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